💔 Nancy is still looking for her perfect home.

We were so excited when Nancy was offered a foster home with a view to adopt her. They came to meet her and took her for a walk; they were experienced with bullbreeds and seemed really nice people. A few days later, they collected her.

Within 24 hours she was returned!!

Why? Apparently, she was sitting on her new dog bed, in her new home, with her new family, all of this really strange to her. A neighbour came in the door, straight on top of her, and she growled!!

Nancy had been in the rescue for weeks; not once had she shown any aggression,  even when she was sick and had to have her bandages changed at the vet. She lay there and took it all in her stride!

It can take a rescue dog any time from 3 days to 3 months to decompress and slot into their new life!

Nancy was not given that chance.

We doubt she has ever lived in a house; the only love and kindness she had ever known was that she received at the rescue and the vets.

From what we were told, she was picked up from the rescue, taken to a pet shop and fitted for a new harness, met some family members then taken for a walk on a local beach!! All in the space of a few hours…

She was then taken to her new home, where she was lying on her new bed when another total stranger arrived!!

The poor girl was probably so overwhelmed she didn’t know what was happening!

Nancy has been back with us for over a week now, with no signs of any aggression. 

Yes! She can be energetic, she is only young! 

Yes! She does play rough with other dogs ( not aggressive); she needs to learn some K9 manners! 

Yes! She does have a lot of love and slobbery kisses to give.

Yes!! There is the right home out there for her.

* Someone with patience and understanding. 

* Preferably as an only dog.

* Secure garden.

* No cats.

* Dog savvy older children ( over 12)