Dogs for Homing


7-year-old George is looking for a home as his owner has become too old to look after him.  He is an easy, friendly chap who loves running with other dogs.


Buster is a little mix breed who is nearly a year old. He is super playful and friendly, he will need some time and patience as he will require training in both command and lead. Buster has been left to his own devises so has no canine social skills, he will be easy to train …

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Riley is 11 years old, a medium-sized crossbreed whose elderly owner can no longer look after him;   he is at present in temporary care.  He is a very nice chap, good all round.


Spud is 4 or 5 years old, a lovely crossbreed, small to medium.  He is great in every way, very affectionate and good in the house. He is strong on the lead, too much for an older person. Lady owner or owners only.


Bella is between 10 and 11 years old , a springer collie cross.  She is good all round.  She now awaits a kind owner as her previous owner has died.


Chief is approx 18 months old. He came to us from the pound. Collie x possibly Bassett Hound. Super friendly boy, seems ok with other dogs. Walks on a lead , can be a little strong initially. He clean in his kennel, absolutely loves to be groomed. Will sit on command but would benefit from …

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Two year old Toto is a beagle x pointer. He was an owner surrender. They have other dogs who kept picking on him. He is a very affectionate dog , walks well on a lead, has been clean in his kennel so house training should not be an issue.  He is very submissive to other …

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Benji is a very sweet natured collie approx 5 years old. He was surrendered to the pound from a farm environment. Sits, gives the paw and will play fetch for hours. Brilliant on a lead. Also clean in his kennel.


Max is an owner surrender, they are moving house and the garden is a lot smaller. He is a lab x Bassett hound. He is house trained but a little strong on his lead. Max has never been socialised with other dogs, in typical Bassett fashion he can be a little stubborn and standoffish.  Once …

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Hettie was adopted from us 3 years ago. She has become quite dominant with the other resident dogs and needs to be honed on her own. She is lead and house trained and loves a game of fetch. She is great with children too.