We have strong operating policies. These include:

We check all new homes and offer advice. We particularly check security, the time the dog will be left (not more than 4 hours per day) and the ambience of the new home. We offer advice on diet, veterinary and behavioural treatment, and all aspects of dog and puppy care.

We have no age limits for new owners. However, we will make subjective judgements about the mobility of the new owner in comparison with the liveliness of the dog, and the proximity and attitudes of supporting family members.

We insist on all bitches being spayed, arranging for this ourselves if necessary, and we advise castration for dogs.

We network extensively with other dog charities. The open and free sharing of dogs, homes and information is a key operating principle.

We do not have a ‘no destruction’ policy, but dogs in our care will only be put down if they have a proven history of unprovoked aggression and have been assessed by Dogs in Need, or on health grounds.

Dogs in Need is a Charity run in the interests of the animals we handle or have contact with. All Dogs in Need policies will be observed or modified with that in mind.

Copies of our operating policies are available on application

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