Gezzer and Pukka

GEZZER (male) and Pukka (female) Saluki x Greyhounds, need rehoming due to their owner having a change of circumstances.  GEZZER and HIS sister called Pukka (white) are both 6 years old and we understand healthy.  Pukka has been spayed but Gezzer is still entire, they are great with children and  other dogs just not good with other small fluffy animals.   They love to go on walks and run free off the lead with each other.  They are in heated kennels at the moment but have spent a lot of time in the house, they are not keen on laminated floor for some reason !

They are both very affectionate, her more so than him, he is wary of new men but not women and once he knows you he will only go to you, she will go to anyone for a fuss.

GEZZER and PUKKA can be homed separately.  They are in Westerham. Kent.