Fionn (was Patch) needs to be an only dog;  He is with another Jack Russell at present who wants to play, but Fionn doesn’t.  He gets over-excited when on a walk and might bite through his lead in his anxiety to meet other dogs.  He is docile in the home and manageable, though he does …

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Mr T is an eight-year-old pug who lives with children and another dog.  He won’t walk on a lead and would prefer a home with a well-fenced garden where he could potter around.  He loves his cuddles.


Rumple is a small tricoloured Jack Russell Terrier, he was 7 years old on 23.07.20. An active, affectionate, friendly boy who loves playing with squeeky toys and balls. Due to a change in his owners way of life, now looking for a new home.


Riley is 11 years old, a medium-sized crossbreed whose elderly owner can no longer look after him;   he is at present in temporary care.  He is a very nice chap, good all round.


Rumples is just 7 years old.  He has been with his present owner from a pup.  Unfortunately he is not happy with the gentleman in the house and, as there is a small baby, the couple are concerned.


Honey is 5 years old, a spayed lurcher.  She has had a very bad start in life and has a few problems.  She would love to be an only dog in a kind home, probably without children as she could well have been teased in the past.  She is wary of men, but not aggressive.  …

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Hector is four years old, a Greek shepherd/collie. He is nervous of strangers at first but soon accepts them. He is a happy dog who enjoys life, but he must move on due to his owner’s work commitments.


Rex is 5 years old, a neutered Shih’tsu.  He is kept on a long rope as the property is unfenced.  He needs freedom, a fenced garden and kind owners.  He is affectionate and should settle well.


Flook is extremely friendly and jolly and seems fine with other dogs.  He is about three years old, medium sized.