Dogs for Homing


Daisy is 3 to 4 years old, a collie who would prefer a quiet life to a working one.


Lolly is between 4 and 5 years old;  she is a bichon/schnauzer, a little nervous, but very sweet.


Poppy is a  7- year-old beagle.  At present she is living on a farm with various dogs without a problem.  Her problem is with other dogs who pass the property. Ideally she would be best in a home on her own with a well-fenced garden.    


Max is 8 months old, probably a collie/German Shepherd.  He is good with dogs, but the resident small dog resents him.  He is very playful, therefore not really suitable for tiny children. He would chase cats.


8/9 month old black lab mix. Friendly but a bit boisterous – hasn’t had much training to date.


3 year old collie, very friendly with people, ok with other dogs most of the time but does resource guard with food. Will sit, a bit giddy on the lead but not unmanageable.


3 year old collie, can be shy at first but soon warms up, good with other dogs, will Sit but a little bit giddy on the lead.


Boxer mix, 5 years old, good with kids and cats and most other dogs. Can be a bit timid at first – he wasn’t treated kindly by his last owners. Garden must be secure.


Puggle, 8/9 years of age, good with kids and dogs, lovely low energy, quiet and cuddle boy


Mabel is a very affectionate little Cairn terrier, 10 years old. She is slightly nervous and would appreciate a quiet home as an only dog.


Poppy, 6 years old, has been used for breeding, now unwanted.