Dogs Homed


Cash is approx 6 year old terrier mix. Cash was seized by a local dog warden from a bad situation.  On arrival with us he had an infected wound on his lower jaw and part of his lower lip had been ripped away. He was also very timid and submissive.  Over the week’s Cash has …

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Bran is approx a  2 year border collie. When Bran came to us it was quite obvious that he had been badly abused.  We placed Bran into foster care where he attached himself to the female of the house   A behaviourist worked with Bran and we have a full report on their findings. Bran …

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Torah is a 5-year-old Kerry Blue waiting for a home as his owner has gone to a residential home.  He loves people, probably not suitable for very young children.  He is not so good with dogs and would certainly prefer to be an only pet, preferably without cats or small furry animals.   The ideal …

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Woody…a special boy! Woody was found abandoned in January, he was dumped in a remote wooded area. He had severe facial injuries which had turned gangrenous and his flesh was rotted down to the bone. Woody spent nearly two months in the vets, he underwent a number of operations including 2 major facial reconstruction surgeries. …

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Buddy was an owner surrender. He is 6 years old and has lived with another dog and cat all his life. He is a lovely sweet natured boy. Good on a lead and house trained. ( no children under 10)


He is 6 months old, came to us from the pound. An owner surrender.  He is a lovely boy but will need some training, especially on a lead. He will lunge at car tyres! He is very eager to learn and will be easy to train. He is also clean in his kennel so house …

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Socks is 8 years old, a Patterdale terrier.  His owners have had to go into accommodation where pets are not allowed.  He is a little worried by small dogs, but fine with big ones.  Very good with people.


Buddy was surrendered to us by his owners. He had started to wander of and had killed neighbours chickens. He also hates cats! Buddy loves people and grew up with children.  He is house trained and good on a lead. 


Gerda is approximately 18 months old. Lovely friendly Border Terrier lady. Great on a lead and clean in her kennel. She has been sharing her kennel with another little female dog. No cats or small furries.


Pika is 16 months old,  Shih Tzu x Bichon Frise.  She is a real livewire, too much for the older dog.  She is sweet-tempered and friendly with children and dogs.


Vera is approx 2 years old. She is a wire-haired terrier x pug. Lovely affectionate and playful girl. Gets on well with other dogs, good on a lead loves everyone.


Ringo is about 12 years old.  His owner has died so he is in need of a kind home.  He seems fine with other dogs, but he has no experience of children.  No problems that we know of.


Percy is now just 15 weeks old. This adorable Staffie mix is crate trained, great with other dogs and a complete cuddle monster. He has been living with Carita since he was about 5 weeks and will make a super family pet.


This little whippet/lurcher was found chained to a tree in a remote woodland area. She is under 2 and still very puppyish. She is dog friendly but definitely no cats. She is good on a lead and clean in her kennel. She may need further house training.


This super little spaniel mix is about 12 months old. She is a little superstar. Still very puppish so jumps up and mouths playfully. This is eaily corrected with some training. She is really smart and eager to please. She is house trained and good on a lead. Good with other dogs after careful introduction.


Amy is a 4 year old staffie. Very friendly and placid. House trained and good on lead.


Ebony is a petite terrier mix who is approximately 12 months old. She is super friendly, good on a lead and very playful. OK with other dogs and does a great meerkat impression!


Shae is a Shih Tzu mix and is around 8/9 years old. He is a super friendly man and loves cuddles and pottering around. His teeth are in need of attention and when he has dental it is likely that he will lose a few.


Wally is approximatly 2 years old.  He’s a tiny terrier mix with very cute Queen Anne legs! He is good on a lead, friendly and playful. Wally mixes OK with females but has not been tested with males.


Petra the Pug is approximately 4 years old. She is an absolute pleasure, loves to be pampered and will walk on a lead. She is great with other dogs.


Mimi is a lovely 3-year-old crossbreed – Elkhound/Pomeranian.  She is a trouble-free lady, good with everything and everyone.  She is small collie size.


These 3 stunning pups are just 5 months old. They were taken from a bad situation by the dog warden when they were just 5 weeks old. They were really sick with mange and worms, but look how stunning they are now. We have started lead training them but they will require further toilet and …

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Willow is 9 months old and blue/black and tan. She is laid back, loving and well socialised. She has been lead trained but will require some command and toilet training.


Odie is 9 months old and black and tan. He is laid back, loving and well socialised.  He has been lead trained but will require some command and toilet training.


Border collie 2 years old. Lady came from the pound and we think she was a working dog. She is absolutely amazing with people but will need some work on her social skills with other dogs. Good on a lead and clean in her kennel. She is super clever so would be easy to train.


He is just about a year old, looks like a miniature labrador. He is a small boy with a big personality.  He is currently living with a female dog but can be quite dominant, he walks well on a lead and is clean in his kennel.  He is good with children and ladies but has …

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16-month-old black lab mix. Lucas has been in rescue a few weeks now and has really grown into himself. He is still very puppyish, loves lady dogs but can be hit and miss with other males. He is good in a lead his recall is good but he would benefit from further command training. He …

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Barney is friendly and loving.  A little training needed. Now six months old, part of an unwanted litter.


Snoopy is a middle-aged terrier.  He lives happily with another dog and is fine with young children.  He is noisy on walks if he sees other dogs, so quiet areas are best.


Robyn ( DOB – 1/1/19) is the tiniest terrier girl with stumpy queen Anne legs! Another amazing bomb-proof lady. Gets on well with everyone is very affectionate and playful. Loves her walks. Just a general good allrounder.


Laura is a tiny terrier mix. Dob 1/11/15. She came to us from the pound heavily pregnant. She gave birth to 4 healthy pups after just two days. Laura is good with other dogs and now walks on a lead . She can be a little shy when first meeting new people but soon comes …

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This little man is very sweet but has lots of energy. He loves company and plenty of exercises. Dob 1/2/19. He will need an active home and someone to spend time with him. His recall is good but he will require further command training.


Dodger dob 1/8/19. This little man is a smasher terrier x Maltese we think! He is very friendly and is lead trained. He is still a playful pup snd loves his toys. Dodger will make a great addition to any family.

Yoda and Odie

These two boys arrived at the rescue with their mum and 7 siblings when they were just two days old. They are now 5 months and are the two remaining boys from the litter. They are very socialised pups but will require some toilet and lead training.


Daisy is a beautiful collie, very affectionate, good with small children and fine with the family cat.  Unfortunately, she is fearful of certain noises and is inclined to bolt if startled.  Her present owners think she would live happily with another dog to give her confidence.


Monty, a handsome beagle, is about a year old, a stray who had been neglected.  He is being looked after in kennels and is beginning to put on weight.  He is a friendly chap.


Lucas was taken to the local pound and rescued by the local Irish kennels.  He is under a year, friendly and lively. Some training needed.


Dot is a sweet and gentle beagle cross, about a year old, found dumped in a wood.  She is fine with other dogs and would make a great family pet.


Buster is 2 years old;  he needs an active home as he is not getting enough exercise.  He doesn’t like cats but is fine with other dogs and children.


Benji is a very active and exuberant collie who needs a firm hand.  He would be good for agility.

Libby & Kim

Libby and Kim are four-year-old sisters who must find a new owner or owners due to a change in the family circumstances.  They could be homed separately or together. 


Elf is a very sweet little terrier between one and two years;  he is very sociable and affectionate.  He is ready for a home now.

Terrier/Poodle Pup

These 3-month- old terrier poodle crosses are ready and waiting for kind homes.  Take your pick!


Joey the Jack Russell is between 5 and 6 years old.  He has an excellent temperament, is good with dogs and cats and should fit in with any family.


Frank is an older Yorkie, still very lively, and in need of a nice home.


Tess is a collie cross, 12 years old, spayed, good with dogs and children.  Her owner is unwell and unable to look after her.


Badger is between one and two years old.  He is a mixed breed, maybe collie, lurcher, terrier.


Beth is between 7 and 8 eight years old, a collie with a super temperament.


Charley is under a year old, a lovely little spaniel cross, neutered and vaccinated.   He is waiting in kennels for the right home to come along.


Ivy loves people but needs socialising with dogs. She is 3 years old.


Athena, a lively and loving blue English setter, under 2 years.


Aspen, 7-year-old English setter – lovely boy.


Betty, 10 months, excellent all-round, distinctive blue eyes.


Fern and Finn are about seven months old.  They are small to medium, one dog, one bitch, both neutered, with very nice temperaments.  They had an unfortunate start in life, being kept in a shed.  We are looking for separate homes, although an offer for the pair would be great.


Fern and Finn are about seven months old.  They are small to medium, one dog, one bitch, both neutered, with very nice temperaments.  They had an unfortunate start in life, being kept in a shed.  We are looking for separate homes, although an offer for the pair would be great.

Simba & Narla

Simba and Narla are brother and sister, seven and a half years old.  Due to family circumstances, they need a new home, together if possible, but if nobody can offer this, two kind separate homes would be acceptable where they were made much of to help them to forget the separation. Simba is the male.  …

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Fergus reads a happy, friendly little dog, 2 years old.


Tiny is under a year old, a Yorkie cross, very lively.


Una is a three-year-old Pekingese cross.  She has had a troubled life and is unsure of people at first, but she soon becomes very cuddly.


Bones is a six-year-old Jack Russell, full of life, probably best as an only dog.  His owner moved and left him behind.


Billy is six years old, a calm little cavalier terrier cross, very sweet.


Murphy is 6 years old, a neutered terrier who would best in a home with older children or an older couple.  He has been in his home since he was 6 months old but must be rehomed due to his owner’s imminent move.


Billie is five years old, neutered and fully vaccinated.  He is good with other dogs and with children.  He is looking for a new home as he is too lively for his owner who has back trouble.  He loves walks.


This is Percy the border terrier, 2 years old.  His owner is moving abroad and cannot take his dogs.


Elsie is four years old, a spayed collie/retriever.  She is fine with dogs and children.  At present, she is living with another dog. They need new homes, separate or together as their owner has to move to South Africa.


A lab cross under a year who needs training.  He seems a nice dog.


Ginger, fluffy crossbreed, loves everyone. One year old.


Elle, three-year-old whippet cross. Excellent with children, lovely with everyone she meets and happy to be left for short periods. Definitely not for cats, either in the home or with visiting cats.


Very good with children, and with other dogs when she meets them on her walks.  However, she would prefer to be in a home as an only dog.


Kodak is in a foster home where the small child is worried by him.  He is a tiny crossbreed, not very old.


Snoopy is seven, in need of a home after losing his owner.


Iggy is 8 years old, his owner has died and he is looking for a new home.


This is Kia, about 2 years old, a delightful collie cross.


Bawn is a rough collie or cross. Vaccinated, 18 months old.  He is fine with people and dogs, but not happy with traffic.  A nice country home would suit him.


Gismo’s owner has moved into a flat where he is unable to join her.  He is about 12 years old, healthy and friendly, good with people and dogs.  He was with his previous owner for many years.


Max is a pup – about 7 months old.  He is still growing and will be a good medium size.


Rufus is two years old, a  bearded collie cross.  He seems a nice dog. 


This is Figaro, a 5-month-old terrier type.  He has lived with other dogs.


Milo is a sad-looking Labrador cross waiting for a kind owner to cheer him up.  He is about 7 months old.


Tonto is a 7-month-old Beagle cross, under a year old. He is fine with dogs, cats and children.


Oliver is 18 months old, he is a bedlington/whippet with a lovely nature


Kally is a lovely 4-year-old collie, spayed and vaccinated; she has an excellent temperament.


Blackrock is a gentle collie cross waiting for a kind home.  His owner died and his dog has gone into kennels.  He would be best in a home with another dog to give him confidence as he is a little nervous.


Tia is nearly three years old, a nice little crossbreed who is going into kennels to await a home.  At present she is in a foster home where she and another bitch are not getting on well.


Daisy is 3 to 4 years old, a collie who would prefer a quiet life to a working one.


Lolly is between 4 and 5 years old;  she is a bichon/schnauzer, a little nervous, but very sweet.


Max is 8 months old, probably a collie/German Shepherd.  He is good with dogs, but the resident small dog resents him.  He is very playful, therefore not really suitable for tiny children. He would chase cats.


8/9 month old black lab mix. Friendly but a bit boisterous – hasn’t had much training to date.


3 year old collie, very friendly with people, ok with other dogs most of the time but does resource guard with food. Will sit, a bit giddy on the lead but not unmanageable.


3 year old collie, can be shy at first but soon warms up, good with other dogs, will Sit but a little bit giddy on the lead.


Boxer mix, 5 years old, good with kids and cats and most other dogs. Can be a bit timid at first – he wasn’t treated kindly by his last owners. Garden must be secure.


George is a puggle (pug/beagle). He is a lovely boy, 9 years old, gentle and affectionate.  He is very laid back and should be no trouble.


Koko is a thirteen-year old neutered terrier.  His owner is unwell and unable to walk him.  He would like to be an only dog.


Bosco is a little Staffie cross, eight years old, neutered and fully vaccinated. He gets on well with cats and children.  The reason for his need for a new home is that his owner is working and he is on his own for 9 hours.  He copes with this, but a home with someone around …

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Missy is 7 years old, fully vaccinated and ready for a new home, preferably not with young children. 


This is Bill, a lively Border Collie, 6 years old; he needs a new home as his owner has to work. An energetic family would suit him well.


Tailor is a dear little one-year-old Jack Russell.  He loves other dogs and would be happy to join one in a nice home. He is not right for tiny children but would suit teenagers.


Tutsy is a very sweet-tempered terrier cross, 7 years old, who would make a lovely pet.


Peppa is a pug cross, lively and friendly.


Gina is a Labrador pointer cross, 4 months old.

Hula, Hush, Happy

Three sisters, lurcher types, Hula, Hush and Happy, 4/5 months old.


Chase is a  terrier cross, good with dogs except at mealtimes.


Benji, 3/4 year-old Jack Russell.  He is good with most dogs, but unhappy with macho males.


Dolly the Shar-pei is 2 years old.  She is a lovely young dog but she cannot be left alone as she has severe separation anxiety.  Is there a family with enough members to make sure she always has company?


Jack is 18 years old, unfortunately his owners have died and he is suffering from separation anxiety.  Could someone offer him a foster home for now?


Lizzie is a lurcher who has been saved from a pound.  She is about two years old, very friendly and laid back.


Mabel is a very affectionate little Cairn terrier, 10 years old. She is slightly nervous and would appreciate a quiet home as an only dog.


Tilly, a crossbred bitch, about 3 years old who gets on well with other dogs but not cats. She is a very affectionate dog who loves to cuddle and will settle very easily when in the house, choosing a nice comfortable spot on the chair or sofa with her new owner. Tilly has a strong …

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Molly, a spaniel, is between 8 and 10 years old.  She came to us from a home where she had been neglected.  She is rather nervous, having had three homes since her arrival.  She needs to socialise with dogs and with people.  A quiet home would suit her, with no small children.  She would be …

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This cockerpoo is 4 years old, a neutered male;  his name is Charlie.  He is rather too lively for three very young children in this, his second home.


Fleetwood, a very nice border collie, 5 years old.  He needs a new home as his owner has died.


Milo is 11 months old, a border terrier cross.  He seems a nice little chap.


Lexi is eleven months old, quite a boisterous girl; she is a Pug/Jack Russell, used to children and other dogs.


Toby is a four-year-old Jack Russell, great with people and generally good with other dogs.


Molly is a Springer Spaniel x Border Collie, she’s 2 years old, spayed and up to date with injections, worming and flea treatment and has a passport. Molly is an affectionate dog who is keen to please. She thoroughly enjoys her walks, especially running in wide open spaces and having a swim. Molly is a …

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Pepsi is 18 months old, a lovely little Shih’tsu.  He was found wandering, unwanted by his owner, now in kennels.


Snipe, lovely 2-year-old pointer, failed gundog, would like a family home.


Bosco is a 6-year-old Dachshund cross.  He is a lively little chap who is at present with an older couple who are unable to manage him. A  younger couple or a family would suit him well.


Louis, 6-year-old rough-coated terrier. He is a great character.


Lottie is a lovable six-year-old spayed Labrador cross.  She loves cuddles and a good game of ball.  She is good with children and dogs, but not cats.  She needs a new home where she will get plenty of exercise; unfortunately her present owners haven’t the time to give her the walks she needs.


Raine is two year old spayed terrier bitch. Good all round. She should fit in any home.


This is Jess, an eight-year-old collie cross.  She loves people and is great with children.  She has lived with cats, travels well and can be left.  Sadly, her present owners will be having to leave her  for long periods at a time, so she needs a secure and loving home with company.


Tuppence is an eight-year-old Jack Russell cross Patterdale who needs to be moved to a new home as the German Shepherds she is staying with do not like her.  She originally belonged to a lady who has lost her home and cannot find anywhere for her dog.  She is great with people, a bit dominant …

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Jimmy is a six-month- old Jack Russell pup in need of a kind home.  Who could resist him!


Belen is a year old collie cross who has been teased by a child, so he is going into kennels to wait for a home without small children.


Molly is about seven years old;  she is a sweet dog, fine with other dogs and great with children.


Sally is ten years old;  she would suit an older person.


Roxy is approximately nine years old, a really lovely little terrier.   She walks well on the lead and is housetrained.  She would make a great family pet.


Ruby is a two-year-old terrier.  She loves to play and enjoys her walks.


Mungo is a, middle-aged.  Shih’tzu cross, maybe Midge’s son. He is playful and affectionate.


Midge is between 7 and 8 years old, a quiet and easy little Shih’tzu.


Ramsay is a young Labrador cross, bouncy and friendly, probably in need of some training as he is still very much of a pup.


Leo the lab is 4 years old.  He needs a house and garden as he is at present in a flat.  He is a very nice dog, maybe not suitable for cats.


Jack, 18 months old, neutered and fully vaccinated is a very nice young dog, good with children and other dogs, happy in the car and able to be left for short periods. We don’t know what he would be like with cats.  Unfortunately his owner has to work long hours so he is in need …

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Jess, a lemon and white pointer, 18 months old,  gun shy,  so up for rehoming.


Percy is a six-year-old neutered Jack Russell. He has lived happily in his home since he was a pup. He should be fine with older children.


Solas, now Elsa, is a wonderful little dog, very happy with people and dogs.  She is obedient, and brilliant on recall.


Kimmy is a Bedlington cross, maybe 3years old. He is good with people and dogs – a quiet and placid chap.


Holly is a cairn cross, 3 – 4 years old.  She is very affectionate with people but a bit bossy with dogs.


Tali is a lovely collie cross pup, 9 months old.  She is very lively, so would suit a home with older children, but without cats.


Lennie, a six-year-old Labrador, needs a new home as he is worried by a family baby.  He needs a quiet home without small children.


Max is a one-year-old Dalmatian who is being left all day due to his owners’ work commitments.  He is good with children and dogs.


6 month old. Lovely temperament.


Golden Lab. Good with other dogs and children.


3 year old Spaniel X bitch (Spayed). Good with other dogs and children. Very quiet. Nice kind dog


2 yr old cairn x bitch lovely dog good in everyway


2/3 yr old bichon x cavalier good with other dogs and children very sweet dog


This latest recruit is in urgent need of a home as his owner has to be away from home a lot.  He is 9 years old, neutered and fully vaccinated.


Hope is a merle border collie between one and two years old. Her owner had to give her up due to a move and she is now in kennels waiting for a new home. She is very affectionate – a really sweet dog.

Frisbee and Yoyo

Two collie cross pups, brother and sister, Frisbee and Yoyo; we think they are about four to five months old.


A collie cross waiting in Ireland. He is probably about one year old.


Dinny, Jack Russell cross, three to four years old. He seems a nice dog.


Ollie, about two years old, cocker spaniel size. He is good with other dogs except at feeding time, probably having been undernourished. He is a terrier cross.


18 month neutered male, may be setter/spaniel. Lovely temperament.